Evcil Group, which is one of the leading companies of Turkish electricity contracting sector, was founded by Dursun Evcil and Tevfik Evcil brothers and took its first step in the industry as a private company with the name of Evcil Elektrik in 1990. Having carried out various projects in 15 years, Evcil Group transformed its identity into a legal entity on September 12, 2005 and renewed itself with its new title; Evcil Engineering Project Electric Electonics Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd.

Evcil Group, with its steady and planned growth policies as well as the Institutional Resource Planning (ERP) softwares that have been used by taking into consideration the developing needs of the market and customer satisfaction, serve with a wide range of activities by becoming more powerful with sector’s distinguished brands and partner companies.

Evcil Group has been at your service with great honor and pride for 26 years with its management ability, the family environment that it gives to its employees, its uncompromising quality policy, by strengthening its institutional culture day by day, its social responsibility consciousness, its commitment to ethical values, the importance it gives to environment, occupational health and safety and by exhibiting exemplary behaviors.

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